A bouquet of tragic fates is blooming on my table, 2019

Photograph H: 55,0 cm W: 39,0 cm
Wilting lily bouquet H: 55,0 cm W: 43,0 cm

Lily, chrysanthemum, orchid, ceramic bowl,
pedestral, fresh lilies, vase

The installation A bouquet of tragic fates is blooming on my table deals  with topics of identity and conformism as well as (im-)permanence and representation.
In an exploration of photography, florist and scenography, a contemporary compilation of a Vietnamese family that left their home land in the 1980s is developed. The resulting mutual conflicts transcend generations and manifest themselves in the presence of representation and reality.
The flower arrangement, consisting of a lily, phalaenopsis and chrysanthemum, deals with separation, migration and ambition, which is rooted in the artist's family story regardless of the common flower association. Ultimately, within the tension between representation and reality, the question of the original and the imitation must be re-negotiated.

Liebe und Zuneigung, 2021
Künstlerhaus Karlsruhe BBK, Germany

uqbar Berlin, Germany

It is because it's not forever, 2019
University of the Arts Berlin, Germany

This is water is water is water, 2019
turba gallery, Hannover, Germany

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