About reversible and indeterminate order, 2017

Base H: 190,0 cm W: 190,0 cm
Installed H: 150,0 cm W: 160,0 cm L: 40,0 cm

Paper, acrylic paint, tape

The mannequin is an imprint of the human body, sometimes more, sometimes less delicately shaped. It moves within the binary gender system and reproduces expressions of heteronormative structures.
About reversible and indeterminate order transcends these attributes to give birth to a portrait of a queer persona as it merges and simultaneously dissolves. The mould is from the parents' clothing shop and symbolises the base of the artist's education.The melting process breaks up the dusty patina and not only makes temporality perceptible, but links the sculpture to the artist as such.

Balance Finden, 2020
uqbar Berlin, Germany

ENTF, 2019
Bar K Berlin, Germany

Im Zentrum der Peripherie, 2019
Schloss Plüschow, Germany

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