Creating heroes takes its toll, 2018

Print on wallpaper fleece
Photograph H: 100,0 cm W: 71,0 cm

Box with ribbon, vase, lilies, yarn, glue

The artwork Creating heroes takes its toll is inspired by Erich Fromm's type of "marketing character". This photographic work depicts flowers, showing lilies for sale in a store. In his psychoanalysis of society, Fromm describes individuals who can achieve neither a self nor a sense of identity. They strive to flexibly meet external expectations by objectifying the individual. At the same time, they turn into objects themselves. However, the seductive appeal on the surface, designed to meet demand, comes at a price.

Städtische Galerie, Stuttgart, Germany

Liebe und Zuneigung, 2021
Künstlerhaus Karlsruhe BBK, Germany

Fotos: Tanja Meissner

© Copyright 2024 Minh Duc Pham

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