Pageant Treasure Soft Decor, 2018

Photo series (12 photographs)
H: 66,0 cm W: 47,0 cm 

Latex, string, silicon oil

Experience forms the basis of each one' s personal truth. It measures the value of future events and hence interacts with perception as such. This process is not only purely psychological, but also physically rooted. In a performative act, the series investigates the effects in the artist's reality and allows the viewer to further conjecture.
At this point, the photographs can be understood as a self-reflective performance in which the artist examines past physical traumas and coping with them, and sustainably determines the edge of self-objectification through those traumas.Ultimately, the latex objects are the expression of a decorative up to a rampant expression of one's own altered reality.

Blue Burning, 2020
Fluctoplasma Festival Hamburg, Germany

Im Zentrum der Peripherie, 2019
Schloss Plüschow, Germany

Getting on with it, 2018
Textile Center Blonduos, Iceland

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