Daijoubu, 2022/23 

H: 95,0 cm W: 75,0 cm T: 25,0 cm

Mirror, fabrics, cotton, foam

Minh Duc Pham's work Daijobou is dedicated to gazes: The way others look at us and looking back as a form of resistance. Especially for people who do not conform to a norm, gazes often lead to a form of oppression or humiliation: By being stared at, a person becomes categorized, fetishized or marked "as other". The sculpture brings these initially intangible gazes into a body context: gazes are actions with direct consequences, such as sexualized or racist assaults. Daijobou seemingly naively imitates these gazes and thus rejects them. The mirror serves as both self-empowerment and protection.

Raster der Gewalt: Von Blicken zu Taten, 2023/24
Stadtmuseum, Dresden,  Germany

Open Studio, 2022
Tokyo Arts and Space, Tokyo, Japan

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