C. C. - Don't Kiss Me, 2018

H: 210,0 cm W: 210,0 cm L: 150,0 cm
Eyes H: 19,0 cm W: 19,0 cm
Textile H: 88,0 cm W. 56,0 cm

Cotton fabric, zipper, yarn, shoulder pads, hanger

The two-part installation displays a scenery of stuffed eyes on the wall staring towards the textile in front of it. The textile itself quotes a self-portrait of the French surrealist Claude Cahun from 1927, in which she stems weights posing in a feminine connoted attitude and masquerade. The imprint on her top ‚I am in training, don‘t kiss me‘ illustrates the permanent process of "(un-)becoming".
This approach to the self becomes the focus of the immediate gaze of the eyes, fluctuating between indifference, interest and commentary. Convicted as the object of desire, the textile stares towards the spectator almost seeking for help. At the point of merging with its surroundings, however, the moment of observation applies itself to the viewer and thus makes the situation of the targeted subject tangible for them.

Droste Lab, 2022
Museumswerkstatt Geschlecht #2
Rüschhaus, Münster, Germany

Haihatus International #7, 2018
Taidelaitos Haihatus, Joutsa, Finland

We are not same same, 2018
Studio Chérie, Berlin, Germany

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